As a result of the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, the main temple in Benchen Monastery was damaged. There was a great statue of the Maitreya Buddha inside, and therefore it was called Jam-khang or Maitreya Temple. That temple had enough room for about 800 monks. Ceremonies such as Kagyu Monlam, great empowerments and transmissions and drubchen, were held there many times.

The building endured the earthquake, but due to a significant damage of the structure, it had to be tore down.

In recent years, the monastery has managed to raise funds to start to build a new temple. The new Maitreya Temple will be standing in a slightly different, more favorable location in the Benchen Monastery site. In ealry May 2022, Drubwang Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche held a ceremony of consecrating the ground for new Maitreya Budddha Temple (click on the picture above for a short video).


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