Klasztor mniszek w Parpingu

Nunnery in Pharping


During the lifetime of the late Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche, a land was purchased in Pharping, Nepal. According to Rinpoche’s wish, the land was dedicated to a place for the retreats for nuns.

With the financial help of sponsors, the unfinished building, which was there, was completely renovated and adopted for the retreats. Currently, there are only three nuns in a long retreat at Benchen Arya Tara Ling, while the center offers retreat places for more people.

Considering this and in response to the needs of the Himalayan Buddhist community, Drubwang Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche has decided, that the traditional three-year retreat in Benchen Arya Tara Ling will start at the beginning of the eighth lunar month of this year. The program for nuns will follow the Shangpa Kagyu tradition. Lama Yonten Palzang will be the main teacher (drubpön) in the retreat.

In April 2022, Benchen Monastery issued an official statement (please click the image below to enlarge).



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