This year summer seminar (21 Sept - 4 Oct 2015) has been a special event in the history of our Centre for many reasons – time, place and the teacher.

Special time, because we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Centre in Grabnik. Special place, because all the meetings took place in front of the new Buddha Shakyamuni statue. Special teacher, because we were honoured by the presence of His Eminence Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche.

We began the seminar with the Sixth Kagyu Monlam, the report on which we posted on our website "History of the Kagyu Monlam Poland". 

For the following fourteen days we enjoyed Rinpoche’s profound teachings and the empowerments he bestowed. Some of the inspiring teachings were given by Khenpo Lama Osung from Benchen Monastery. Furthermore, venerable Sangter Rinpoche was at this time in the Centre in Grabnik. He feels better and was able to participate in Mandala offering to the Karmapa’s throne.

The climax was the ceremony of consecration (Tib. rabne) of the big Buddha Statue, which we managed to set and fill on time thanks to the help of many friends. We combined this ceremony with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of our Centre. There were speeches, cake, and amateur theatre from Latvia which presented the life story of Milarepa. In the evening we all danced and had fun.

His Eminence Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche who had sponsored the statue and its transportation to Poland, promised, thanks to his great kindness, to order in Nepal and send to Poland additional elements: ornaments for the granitic pedestal, canopy to be placed above Buddha’s head, brocade ornaments for the pillars, and, in the future, two more statues which should accompany Buddha (his two main disciples: Shariputra and Maudgalyayana).


See also a video with Rinpoche’s teachings on the right view:



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