Last months have been very busy in Grabnik. Since spring preparation for filling the stupa and the Buddha statue have been being made under the guidance of Lama Geleg. At the beginning of July the ceremony of consecrating the Earth Goddess vase and the Nagas vases took place, after which we placed the vases in the base of stupa.

Similar ceremonies were performed in the middle of July. This time the Earth Goddess vase and the Nagas vases were placed in the base on which the main Buddha statue will stand in our temple.

Particularly a lot of work has been done during the planned seminar with Sangter Rinpoche. At that time Rinpoche was still in hospital in Vienna, but according to his wish, disciples came to Grabnik when possible and engaged in preparing tsa tsa, rolling mantras, etc.

On the 4th of August monks appointed to make preparations for Kagyu Monlam came to Poland (as usual: two torma masters and umdze who leads singing). The same evening Sangter Rinpoche also came to Poland. After few days in hospital, on the 13th of August, Rinpoche arrived at the Centre in Grabnik. Meantime, the monks from Benchen Monastery also joined us, among others Khenpo Osung.

Progressively, already gilded parts of the statue and its ornaments were brought to Grabnik. Some parts were painted with appropriate colours here in the Centre and now are being placed on the wall of the temple. After two days of rest, Sangter Rinpoche came to the lhakang in order to see the work progress.

Two sets of Kangyur and Tengyur texts are ready. Thanks to joint effort over six hundred volumes were printed, painted with saffron, cut into stripes and folded. After the numeration of pages was checked, the texts were wrapped in traditionally sewn cloth (pere). One set is assigned to the stupa and the other one to the statue.

Over two thousands of tsa tsa containing the ashes of Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche have been made. After solemn, lasting three days, ceremony of consecration they were placed in the stupa, at the level above the vases.

At the weekend 15-16 August, seminar with Khenpo Lama Mela took place. Everybody liked and appreciated really beautiful and clear teachings. We all hope that we will have more opportunities to host Khenpo and listen to his teaching.



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