The 11th Kagyu Monlam Poland was held from the 28th to 30th of August 2020 at the Benchen Karma Kamtsang Centre in Poland. Due to the pandemic situation it was not possible for any of Tibetan Lamas to come to Poland this year. Also, according to epidemiological rules, only limited number of people could stay in the temple. However, the head of the Benchen Monastery, His Eminence Drubwang Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche, advised us to continue our yearly practice of Kagyu Monlam, even in the small assembly. Rinpoche said that number of people is not important, important is to maintain the continuity of practice. Also Venerable Sangter Tulku Rinpoche, who headed our Kagyu Monlam most often in the past years, was encouraging us very strongly to maintain this activity.

This way our 11th Kagyu Monlam, thanks to the blessing and inspiration of our Lamas, was completed in a very auspicious way and in a very uplifted atmosphere. This time Lama Rinchen - the main lama of the Benchen Centre in Poland - was leading the ceremonies. In the temple only 50 people was present, but all the prayers and ceremonies were transmitted as a public on-line streaming, so over hundred people was continuously participating the prayers from a distance.

Traditionally, on the first day we had a solemn procession with a portrait of His Holiness Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje. After circumambulation of the stupa and the temple the picture was placed on His Holinesses throne and Polish lamas offered a mandala of Universe and the symbols of Awakened Body, Speech, Mind, Qualities and Activity to Gyalwang Karmapa - the source of blessing and inspiration and the supreme head of our Lineage.

During the second day of Monlam, in the afternoon session, we performed Medicine Buddha ritual and dedicated it to all those who have been tormented by the pandemic in any way. On the third day, in the afternoon, we offered tsog puja of Jetsun Milarepa.

As every year, in the evening of the last day we practised offering of the lamps, Marme Monlam. Literally just after the last syllable of dedication prayers was pronounced a thunder hit remarkably close to the temple and immediately a heavy storm begun. Therefore, we had to place our lamps on the shrine, at the feet of the great Buddha Statue, not on the stupa, as in previous years. The storm was unusually intensive, and thunders were lightning the sky for a long time. Everybody considered it as a very auspicious sign.

The photos from the event can be viewed in our Gallery.



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