The 7th Kagyu Monlam in Poland was held in the Centre in Grabnik between the 9th and 11th of September 2016. Venerable Sangter Rinpoche was the main lama leading the event.

As before, about two months prior to the event, three experienced monks arrived from Nepal. They were appointed by the International Kagyu Mönlam Committee in Bodh Gaya. Two of them were chöpöns, who create elaborated tormas and a special shrine, while the third monk was umdze, the chant leader. The monks appointed to lead Kagyu Mönlam are not randomly selected, but chosen from an exclusively educated group of lamas representing different Kagyu monasteries in India and Nepal.

Many lamas from Benchen Monastery in Nepal, headed by Khenpo Sönam Gyurme and Dorje Lobpön, as well as Polish lamas who - guided by Benchen Rinpoches and Lamas - completed the three-year retreat in drubkhang or individually, also joined the prayers. Apart from the lamas who completed the first three-year retreat in Benchen Drubde Ösal Ling in Grabnik, there were eight new lamas who finished the second three-year retreat in drubkhang just one day before the Kagyu Mönlam started.

Each day of the Kagyu Mönlam began with taking sojong vows and chanting the morning prayers.

The ceremonial procession with the portrait of His Holiness the Karmapa took place on the first day. Afterwards, Sangter Rinpoche with other lamas offered to Karmapa's throne the Mandala of the Universe and the symbols of the Awakened Body, Speech, Mind, Qualities and Activities.

Following that, Rinpoche gave the introductory speech discussing the immense benefits of Kagyu Mönlam and the merit accumulated by its participants despite all the hardships, sacrifices and possible discomfort connected with attending the event. He also requested our community to live in unity and harmony. What would be the meaning of praying for world peace, if you would fight among yourselves, Rinpoche asked.

During the morning session on the 2nd day, Sangter Rinpoche bestowed the White Tara empowerment. On the third day, following the Offering Ceremony to the Gurus, which included tsok feast, auspicious substances, attributes and auspicious symbols were offered, brining the blessing of increasing all positive qualities, circumstances and prosperity. Those who particularly support the Centre were chosen to represent all the participants and were directly touched by printed images representing auspiciousness.

As usually, the third day was concluded by offering burning candles. Following the beautiful Marme Mönlam prayer, all of the participants circumambulated Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche's stupa chanting KARMAPA KHYENNO and placing the lamps on the steps of the stupa.

This year's Mönlam ceremony took place in a very warm and intimate atmosphere.

To see the pictures, please go to the Gallery. See also video below.




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