"For all dharma brothers and sisters and for every being in Asia, Europe and around the World many tashi delek.

In this stormy time of sickness when diseases are spreading very fast everywhere, we need a lot of prayers, prayers deep from the heart for everybody and everywhere. During this time please don’t worry too much, take good care of yourself. It's very important to remember about these three things: healthy food, healthy body, healthy mind. Please don’t keep a negative attitude, stay positive and calm as much as you can – in this way everything happening around would be much better. When sickness comes also try to see this situation positively, having a positive attitude always gives quicker recovery.

Please keep in mind and always remember that nobody wants to suffer. We, all here, are human beings and we all want to have a peaceful and healthy life. Because of the current circumstances, some of us are physically ill, some are suffering mentally. That's why we should support and help each other in any way we can. To somebody we give a hand, somebody will be supported by our praying and others will receive any other support from us. Please help those in need in any possible way; there are so many ways we can support each other.

And also please don’t waste any time, use your free time in a quality way, pray and dedicate to all that needs our prayers. It’s very important.

Currently, I am visiting many Buddhist holy places around, making prayers and offerings for everybody and for a swift finishing of this disease.

Many tashi delek to all of you, please stay calm, with a good heart.




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