"Lotus Poland" is a very important program in our charity activity. The aim of this program is to support the monks in Benchen monastery in Kathmandu. The program was named by Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche.

Monthly upkeep of one monk is not the whole 200 zlotych. Through the Lotus program, it is possible to find a monk who doesn’t have a sponsor yet, and send monthly donation which will be spent on his needs. One can also declare an amount according to own possibilities send. Smaller donations of few people may support one monk. One-time donations are very appreciated as well – the can be done for one precise monk or generally for all Benchen monks.

The monks know who is their sponsor and in a special way they dedicate them merit from their practice. Thanks to that, a personal bond between monks and their supporters is created.

If you want to join the program, contact the office in the Centre in Grabnik, please. All necessary information is available there.


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