A very important aspect of the activity of our Association is translation and publication of Buddhist sadhanas, classic commentaries and books with our lamas’ teachings.

The group of translators and editors has been working for many years already and still is getting bigger. Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche named this group ‘Benchen Arya Tara Translation Group’. Current members of this group are:

  1. Lama Rinchen,
  2. Agnieszka Zych,
  3. Adam Kozieł,
  4. Ewa Urbanik,
  5. Ireneusz Maślarz,
  6. Joanna Grabiak-Pasiok,
  7. Lama Ewa Bugajska,
  8. Liliana Skoczylas,
  9. Natasza Goerke,
  10. Lama Igor Makarov.

So far we have published several dozen practice texts (sadhanas and pujas) as well as many brochures with basic instructions. Some of them can be downloaded on our website in a pdf file.

We also publish books. Here are some of the titles (in chronological order):

  • Ringu Tulku, Lodziong. Siedem punktów ćwiczenia umysłu (Mind Training. A Commentary on: 'Lojong. The Seven Points of Mind Training'), Grabnik 1998, ISBN 83-905126-0-2
  • Biografie Sangje Njenpów, Jaktorów 2001, ISBN 83-905126-2-9
  • Lama Rinczen, Buddyjska tradycja Bencien Karma Kamtzang, Jaktorów 2001, ISBN 83-905126-1-0
  • Michele Martin, Muzyka na niebie. Dzieciństwo i młodość, pierwsze nauki i poezje XVII Karmapy Ogjena Trinle Dordże (Music in the Sky: The Life, Art and Teachings of the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje), Warszawa 2004, ISBN 83-905126-4-5
  • Tenga Rinpocze, Wołając lamę z daleka (Tenga Rinpoche, Die Anrufung des Lama aus der Ferne), 2004, ISBN 83-905126-3-7
  • Sangje Njenpa Rinpocze, Zasady ćwiczenia umysłu (Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche, Teachings on Mind Training), Grabnik 2015, ISBN 978-83-905126-9-3
  • Dilgo Khjentse Rinpocze, Sto rad Padampy Sangje dla mieszkańców Tingri  (Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, The Hundred Verses of Advice of Padampa Sangye), Grabnik 2016, ISBN: 978-83-905126-8-6

From 1995 till 2001 we were publishing a bulletin called Mönsel. Its circulation was about 200 copies and was for internal use only. It included teachings by lamas, interviews with them, biographies of Tibetan and Indian masters as well as news from the Buddhist world. The title of the bulletin was chosen by venerable Tenga Rinpoche. "Mönsel" means in Tibetan: "One that dispels the darkness". From 1995 thirteen issues of the bulletin have been published, last one in 2001.



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