The need to build a professional kitchen with a dining hall has become clear over the years of the Centre's activity. 

In August 2011, during the second Kagyu Monlam, one of the Centre's benefactors asked Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche for permission to sponsor the construction of a house for Lama Rinchen and to build it on the Centre's land, which Rinpoche eagerly approved.

However, a few days later, Lama Rinchen and his wife asked both Rinpoche and the benefactor to allocate the money for a much more urgent need - building a kitchen and dining hall for everybody. Rinpoche was happy to give his blessing for this endeavour and the benefactor agreed to change the purpose of the donation.

The persons who had designed the shrine hall, offered to plan the kitchen as well. The blueprint was complete already in the beginning of 2012 and we obtained the construction permit in July of that year. The works began. First, it was necessary to prepare an access road suitable for a construction site. Later the erection of the building itself got underway.

The significant donation from our benefactor as well as the contributions of many other people allowed for the completion of the shell of the building, with a roof and windows.



As finances allow, in the following phases of the construction we shall:

  • put in all outer and inner doors,
  • insulate the building from the outside,
  • install sewage, gas and electric systems,
  • finish walls and floors in all interiors,
  • equip the kitchen, storage room and dining hall.


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