Benchen Buddhist Centre in Grabnik


Benchen Karma Kamtsang Centre
Grabnik 4
96-313 Jaktorow, Poland

Office hours:
10:00 am - 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
every day except Mondays
The office is located in the building "C".

Phone (for English speakers):
+48 663 136 204 (during working hours)


To send us a message click the picture below.

Benchen Karma Kamtsang Buddhist Association was founded in 1994 and is listed in the Polish register of churches and other religious organizations, in section A, position 85. Its REGON number is 010767828 and NIP number is 1181294140.

Bank accounts:
Zwiazek Buddyjski Bencien Karma Kamtsang
Grabnik 4, 96-313 Jaktorow, Poland

ING Bank Slaski S.A.
IBAN: PL08 1050 1924 1000 0022 5291 2379
Address of the bank (if needed): ul. Sokolska 34, 40-086 Katowice, Poland

ING Bank Slaski S.A. - Euro account
IBAN: PL25 1050 1025 1000 0090 8221 6921

mBank S.A.
IBAN: PL70 1140 2004 0000 3902 8209 6293
Address of the bank (if needed): ul. Prosta 18, 00-850 Warsaw, Poland

Please, make sure to specify what the donation is for.

 How to get to the Centre

 Click the map to see more.


By car:

From Warsaw the easiest and the fastest way is to take the highway A2, direction Poznan. Take the exit sign-posted to Grodzisk Mazowiecki. After around 6,5 km on road no. 579, you should turn right at the second traffic lights in Grodzisk, direction Zyrardow – road no. 719.

In Jaktorów you should take the flyover (direction Baranow) and continue driving straight on Skokowskiego street. After around 2 km you should turn right into Ulanow street (sign on 'Dromet'), you reach Pomorska street. You should turn left into Pomorska street and after 2 km on a paved road you reach the Benchen Karma Kamtsang Centre, which is situated on the left.

The simplest way is to follow yellow signs showing the way to a company called 'Dromet' until Pomorska Street.

We often use an alternative route from the highway (exit in Grodzisk) bypassing traffic jams in Grodzisk. It saves us about 15 minutes.

Note for GPS users after typing „Grabnik” some devices will lead you to another quite distanced place, from where it will be difficult to get to the Centre, so it is better to enter "Jaktorów, Pomorska street" in your device and then follow the instructions given above (the Centre is situated at the road which is a continuation of this street) or simply use GPS coordinates instead (Google Maps: 52.113330, 20.541622).

By plane or train:

From the Chopin Airport in Warsaw, you can take the fast or regular train (SKM or Koleje Mazowieckie) to Warszawa Zachodnia station (you might also take the 175 bus to Warszawa Centralna and go to Warszawa Śródmieście station). Switch to a train going to Żyrardów or Skierniewice.

Get off in Jaktorów (the first station after Grodzisk Mazowiecki, one of the largest towns on the route). Head back along the platform towards an underpass for pedestrians and turn left.  After walking out from the underpass go straight on the main asphalt road (Pomorska Street), which later becomes a gravel road. After 3 km (35 min walk), you will reach the Benchen Karma Kamtsang Centre located on the left of the road.

If you call us in advance, we can usually come and pick you up from the station in Jaktorów. Rarely could it happen that there will be no car available, and then you could call a local taxi from Jaktorów.



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