His Holiness the 17th Karmapa has personally selected the prayers, which are included in the Kagyu Monlam book. The Polish edition of this compilation was first published in 2010. His Holiness wrote the foreword himself.

In 2015, short before the 6th Kagyu Monlam new, third edition on Monlam prayers was released. His Holiness Karmapa had decided to create a new version. The already existing set of prayers has now been completed in a way that represents all the Kagyu Schools and to include texts recited during teachings and traditional ceremonies. It was an opportunity to correct the previous edition - in terms of Tibetan writing, transcription or translation. The form of the book was also changed which makes reading it much easier.


You can also download an ebook from the Dharma Ebooks site in Polish or in English:


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