4 June 2023 (Sunday)

                                                               A statue of Buddha just after birth


Our festivities of Wesak will commence on June 4th at 11.30am

Location: Grabnik centre

Wesak is the most important Buddhist festival. It’s a celebration of Buddha’s birthday and marks his Enlightenment as well as passing into Parinirvana of Buddha Shakyamuni. It falls during the full moon on the fourth month of the lunar calendar.
Over the years we used to come together to celebrate Wesak as a festival for all Polish Buddhists, and every year this joyous event was hosted by a different Dharma centre. After a longer break - due to Covid - we will resume our common celebrations with sangha from all traditions. In many countries Wesak and World Children’s Day happen on the same occasion. We would like to invite all Buddhist families and their the kids!

Our programme will include:

• short presentations given by representatives of various Sanghas,
• the Heart Sutra recitation (in Polish) and Twelve Enlightening Deeds (in Tibetan),
• Silent meditation (5-10 minutes),
• Ablution ceremony of the statue depicting Buddha as a child- everyone participates including all kids.

Approximately at 1pm will break for some light lunch- warm soup, fruit and snacks.
At 2.30pm join us for some fun activities and performances. Don’t be shy.We never hire professional artists and performers. We count on you! Show us your talents, you can sing, or read poetry, and also play music or just come up with something entertaining and prepare something fun for the kids too. Please send us your ideas. Get in touch with the office team at the Grabnik centre.
This is a great opportunity to get together to celebrate, mingle and enjoy the festivities for all the Buddhist communities, regardless of different traditions we follow.





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