29 June - 5 July 2020 (7 days)




Led by: Lama Rinchen.

We are going to perform the long puja of Dorje Phagmo (Dorje Phagmo Drubtab). The ritual includes, among others, making a sand mandala and a fire puja at the end.

To take active part in the practice, the Dorje Phagmo empowerment is required. It is possible, though, to be in the temple during sessions and do own practice or recite favourite prayers or mantras. You can also cover the costs of participation or meals of the participants or make a donation for the materials wee need during the rituals (rice for the offering bowls, oats for tormas, butter for ornaments, tealights, incense, products for tsok). Thanks to all these activities we accumulate merit and receive the same blessing of Gönkar as those who take active part in the practice.

Dorje Phagmo, known also as Vajrayogini, is a main meditative deity in the Karma Kamtsang tradition. She was a secret yidam of great forefathers of the Kagyu lineage: Marpa, Milarepa and Gampopa, as well as successive Karmapas. For thirteen generations the teachings about her were transmitted by a master only to one selected disciple. Presently it is the most frequently used Yidam practice in our tradition. It is said that the sadhana is a gate leading both into the mahamudra practice and the Six Dharmas of Naropa, and that its blessing especially quickly brings to insight.

Detailed schedule:
29th of June at 9:00 A.M. (Monday)  –  Dorje Phagmo sachok (the ritual of consecrating the ground and beginning the sand mandala)
30th of June - 1st of July (Tuesday - Wednesday)  –  shortened Dorje Phagmo puja in the morning (only dak kye), then making the sand mandala (only those who take part in practice can make the mandala)
2nd - 4th of July (Thursday - Saturday)  –  3-day Dorje Phagmo drubpa
5th July (Sunday)  –  Dorje Phagmo fire puja (jinsek) and throwing the sand from the mandala into the river.



Please register as early as possible, by the 24th of June at the very latest.

Practice texts can be ordered also till this day. The text is paid extra and is intended only for people who have received the Dorje Phagmo empowerment.

Registration can be completed using the registration form. Please fill in the form also for any accompanying person not participating in the sessions (child and adult).

All changes considering your stay should be submitted at least three days in advance. 



One day of making of the sand mandala or puja - 25 PLN
Full seminar - 175 PLN

(Currency Converter)

BONUS = 150 PLN per the whole seminar
Bonus is for those who will register and pay the whole amount at latest by the 24th of June. 
Note: Those who resign from some parts of the seminar cannot use the bonus.

Tsok will be offered every day. You are welcome to participate in the costs.

Buddhist Benchen Centre in Grabnik is maintained exclusively by donations, therefore each, even very symbolic amount, is important and appreciated. Those who would like to support us, may do it by transferring donation to our bank account or in cash (see: donate).

In case you have any further questions or are not able to cover the whole suggested donation, please contact us.



In order to avoid misunderstandings and make the work of our team easier, please read the Guide for Participants which explains what to bring, where to stay, how to behave and more.


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