4-20 November 2023




Led by Lama Trinley.

To participate in the practice the Chenrezig empowerment is required.

Lama Rinchen will give 1000-Armed Chenrezig empowerment on the 3rd of November (Friday) at 7 p.m.

Nyungne is a practice of Yidam in kriya tantra tradition. It purifies a lot of negative karma in a short time. It is said that a clear practice of one Nyungne closes the gates to being reborn in lower realms. The same, clear practice of eight Nyungne leads to rebirth in the Pure Land of Dewachen.

Nyungne is a fasting meditation retreat combined with the intensive practice of 1000-Armed Chenrezig. First day only two, vegetarian meals may be eaten and during the second day completely nothing may be eaten or drunk. During the time of two days retreat it is obligatory to adhere to Mahayana sojong vows.

  • 1st nyungne - beginning on the 4th of November (Saturday) at 7.00 a.m., end on the 6th November (Monday) at about 8.00 a.m.
  • 2nd nyungne - beginning on the 6th November (Monday) at 7.00 a.m., end on the 8th November (Wednesday) at about 8.00 a.m.
  • 3rd nyungne - beginning on the 8th November (Wednesday) at 7.00 a.m., end on the 10th November (Friday) at about 8.00 a.m.
  • 4th nyungne - beginning on the 10th November (Friday) at 7.00 a.m., end on the 12th November (Sunday) at about 8.00 a.m.
  • 5th nyungne - beginning on the 12th November (Sunday) at 7.00 a.m., end on the 14th November (Tuesday) at about 8.00 a.m.
  • 6th nyungne - beginning on the 14th November (Tuesday) at 7.00 a.m., end on the 16th November (Thursday) at about 8.00 a.m.
  • 7th nyungne - beginning on the 16th November (Thursday) at 7.00 a.m., end on the 18nd November (Saturday) at about 8.00 a.m.
  • 8th nyungne - beginning on the 18nd November (Saturday) at 7.00 a.m., end on the 20th November (Monday) at about 8.00 a.m.

Additionally on the 20th November (Monday) - Milarepa tsok puja (tsok puja is not an integral part of Nyungne but is usually done as a concluding practice).

Each Nyungne is a complete whole, so one can take part in one, several or all eight Nyungnes. First time practitioners are encouraged to choose the first Nyungne, because the explanations for the meditation will be given then.



Registration deadline – till the 30th of October
Prepayment minimum 40 PLN for each Nyungne is required (the costs of meals).

Registration can be completed using the REGISTRATION FORM. All changes considering your stay should be submitted at least three days in advance.



One Nyungne: 90 PLN = 50 PLN for seminar plus 40 PLN for meals. The price includes overnight stay before the first day of Nyungne and three meals: breakfast and lunch on the first day and breakfast on the last day. These meals are integral part of the practice.

If you take part in more than one Nyungne, suggested donation for every next Nyungne is 78 PLN (50 PLN for seminar plus 28 PLN for meals).

Other meals are not included - these have to be booked and prepaid (breakfast – 12 PLN; lunch – 16 PLN; dinner – 12 PLN).

BONUS: all eight Nyungnes (16 days) - 550 PLN
Bonus is for those who will take part in the whole seminar and register and pay the whole amount by the 30th of October. 
Note: Those who resign from some parts of the seminar cannot use the bonus.

Additional stay not during the seminar – 30 PLN per day.

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Our Buddhist Centre in Grabnik is maintained exclusively by donations, therefore each, even very symbolic, amount offered money is important and appreciated. Those who would like to support us, may do the donations via transfer to our bank account or with a use of a debit card (see: donate) or in cash at the Centre. 



In order to avoid misunderstandings and make the work of our team easier, please read the Guide for Participants which explains what to bring, where to stay, how to behave and more.



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