22 February - 2 March 2022 (9 days)



This year, for the first time in Grabnik, we are going to practice Gutor according to the long Mahakala puja, known as Dangwa Namseg or Ngyntok. This is the same text that is used in all Kagyu monasteries during Gutor. Late Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche wished that we would also recite that text in our Centre in Grabnik since its blessing and benefits are inconceivable.



Gutor is an intensive week-long Mahakala practice which, according to many-centuries long tradition of the Kagyu Lineage, is performed before Losar - Tibetan New Year.

The text of the puja can be recited only by people who have received the Mahakala Bernagchen empowerment, yet everyone may attend the event. You can stay at this time in the temple and, while listening to the puja, recite the prayers you know or do your own meditation. You can also sponsor the stay or meals of other participants or make donation for the materials needed to prepare the ritual (rice for offering bowls, oats for tormas, butter for torma ornaments, tealights, incense, tsok offerings etc.). Thanks to these activities you will accumulate merit and receive the same blessing as those who recite the puja.

The practice starts with the evening session, on the 22nd of February at 6:00p.m. During that session we will recite the medium-length Mahakala puja, known as Tsalma (the text we have recited so far).

Starting on the next morning, we will recite Dangwa Namseg (long Mahakala Bernagchen puja) for seven days, from the 23rd of February till the 1st of March. For that is going to be the first time when we recite this long text in Grabnik, we are not able to estimate how long it will take to recite particular parts of the ritual. Therefore, we do not know the exact time schedule of the sessions.

On Tuesday, the 1st of March between 6:30p.m. and around 9:00p.m., will be the culmination of the week-long puja. Torma, which absorbs during the practice all negativities of the previous year as well as all the obstacles which may appear in the future, will be put into the fire and burnt.

The end is planned for the 2nd of March with recitation of Tsalma in the morning session and receiving Mahakala’s blessing and siddhis accumulated in the torma (till about 10:00a.m.). Everyone present in the temple can receive that blessing, regardless reciting the puja text or not.

NOTE! During Gutor both texts, Tsalma as well as Dangwa Namseg, will be needed.

Those who are going to participate in the puja are asked to order Dangwa Namseg text in advance, latest till the 17th of February.

Tsalma text is the same one we recited in previous years. There is no need to order it by those who already have it.

Those who are going to participate in Gutor for the first time and want to order both texts are asked to mention that in registration form under 'remarks'.



Registration deadline (and prepayment for meals) – till the 17th of February.

Registration can be completed by using the REGISTRATION FORM. Please fill in the form also for any accompanying person not participating in the sessions.

All changes considering your stay should be submitted at least three days in advance. If you want to receive meals, please make a donation in advance.

Those who already have Mahakala Bernagchen empowerment and are going to take active part in the long puja are also asked to order the texts in advance, latest till the 17th of February. During Gutor both texts, Tsalma as well as Dangwa Namseg, will be needed. Tsalma text is the same one we recited in previous years. There is no need to order it by those who already have it.

The number of people allowed to be in the temple will be limited, in accordance with applicable pandemic regulations. Please note that fully vaccinated people are not included in number limits.


SUGGESTED DONATIONS (meals not included)

NOTE! New bank account. Our Buddhist Centre in Grabnik is maintained exclusively by donations, therefore each, even very symbolic, amount offered money is important and appreciated. Those who would like to support us, may do the donations via transfer to our bank account or with a use of a debit card (see: donate) or in cash at the Centre.

from 23 February to 1 March (7 days) – 30 PLN daily
evening session on the 22nd of February and morning session on the 2nd of March - no charge
Dangwa Namseg text - 45 PLN

BONUS for those who will take part in the whole seminar - all 7 days for 180 PLN (bonus does not include food fee). Bonus is for those who will register and pay the whole amount at latest by the 17th of February.
Note: Those who resign from some parts of the seminar cannot use the bonus.

Children and accompanying persons not participating in the sessions – 20 PLN per day
Additional stay not during the seminar – 20 PLN per day

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FOOD (only when prepaid and booked on time)

All meals are vegetarian.
Suggested donation: breakfast 12 PLN, lunch 16 PLN, dinner 12 PLN (full board - 40 PLN)

Please bring your own mug.

Prepayment is not equivalent to registering for the seminar. Please remember to register!
We are not able to guarantee meals to those arriving unannounced.

- We cannot guarantee meals to those who do not register and make a donation on time.
- Meals are served at fixed hours (breakfast at 9 a.m., lunch at 1 p.m. and dinner at 5:30 p.m.).
- Please think your order through. There are no returns for ordered and not used meals, unless a resignation is submitted three days in advance.

Donations may be done via transfer to a bank account or by credit card (see donating).
If you have any problems with money transfer, please contact the office.



In order to avoid misunderstandings and make the work of our team easier, please read the Guide for Participants which explains what to bring, where to stay, how to behave and more.


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