Saturday, 29 February 2020

Benchen Centre in Grabnik - a statue of Buddha Shakyamuni



According to the Tibetan calendar, the first day of the New Year falls on Monday, the 24th of February. It will be a Year of the Iron Mouse. Since the first fifteen days of the year are considered to be particularly auspicious, due to practical reasons we have planned the celebration of Losar on Saturday, the 29th of February. More on the Tibetan calendar is to be found here:



Led by: Lama Rinczen

Beginning: 10:30 a.m.
Riwo Sangchö – fragrant smoke offering
Guru Rinpoche tsok puja

Approx. 1:00 p.m.
Lunch offered by the Centre

3:00 p.m.
Lama Rinchen will bestow two empowerments within one session. First of them, what has already been announced before, will be the empowerment of Tsuktor Dugkarmo (White Umbrella, Sanskrit: Ushnisha-Sitatapatra). Tsuktor Dugkarmo, as an emanation of Tara, protects from any kinds of fears and dangers. Her special activity is protecting from harmful influences of demonic forces and black magic, as well as from natural disasters and diseases caused by imbalance of five elements. For we live in the times when many problems result from distortion in the elements balance, Lama Rinczen has decided that for the New Year he will offer us this particular empowerment.

Second of them, will be the empowerment of Ritro Loma Chen. According to a story told by Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche, in one of the villages many people suffered from some incurable disease. Buddha prayed to this particular emanation of Tara that the people may be cured. When diseases move from one country to another and because of this, there is a lot of suffering and fear, then by reciting Ritro Loma Chen mantra the practitioner is like inside a tent of vajras. Thanks to this blessing, the risk of being infected decreases, and even if someone falls sick, it will pass more smoothly.

Free entrance. As usual, everyone is welcome to offer products for the tsok puja (fruit, nuts, cookies, juice) as well as incenses or tealights (preferably unscented), or to make a donation for the ritual purposes.



Due to organizational reasons (grocery shopping, preparation of the seats in the temple, parking places, etc.) please, register in advance (best before Wednesday, the 26th of February).

Especially those who wish to stay overnight and order meals (other than lunch offered by the Centre) are asked to register in advance.

Registration can be done via the registration form. Thank you.


  1. Riwo Sangchö – The mountain offering of the fragrant smoke from the Rigdzin Sokdrup terma.
  2. Rain of blessings. Guru Yoga connected to the Seven-line prayer to Guru Rinpoche
  3. Long life prayers

The Centre disposes of a certain amount of the texts that may be lent during the ceremony. Nevertheless, there might not be enough. Therefore, we ask to bring own texts, whenever possible.

Polish version of the long life prayers may be downloaded free of charge from our site Practice texts in the traditional form of pecha (pdf) or in the epub form for the phone. The texts may also be bought on the spot.



In order to avoid misunderstandings and make the work of our team easier, please read the Guide for Participants which explains what to bring, where to stay, how to behave and more.


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