Every donation we receive - either offered on a regular basis or from time to time, large or small - is extremely valuable. Without the people who in various ways support the Benchen Karma Kamtsang Buddhist Centre in Grabnik and its local centres throughout Poland, maintaining those places would not be feasible or meaningful. In addition, the continuing development of the Centre in Grabnik is possible only thanks to each and every one of our benefactors, regardless of whether a significant amount or a token sum is offered.

However, as one of our long-term benefactors once underlined, the expenditure connected with such a big endeavour such as running the Centre in Grabnik, is not limited to one-time ventures like the construction of a building, but also includes regular maintenance costs.

Through the inspiration and enduring efforts of this benefactor, a group of people pledged to support the Centre with regular monthly donations of PLN 1000. They founded the Regular Sponsors Group.

They not only provide financial support: most of them are experienced businesspeople, who share with us their practical knowledge in efficient financial management. They are not only sponsors, but also advisors in how to spend the money offered by them and other benefactors.

The Centre generates many fixed costs. All the buildings need heating. Power, water and gas supplies, transport, phones and Internet, property tax, waste disposal, maintaining landscape and grounds etc. are all expensive. The people who have devoted their lives to working for our community and reside here, do not receive wages, although they are provided for by the Centre - they need food, hygienic supplies, insurance and so on.

The support of the Regular Sponsors Group is extremely valuable, as it provides us with a fixed minimal monthly income, which is enormously helpful in planning expenses.
If your finances allow you and you would be happy to become a member of the Regular Sponsors Group, you can get in touch with other members of the group through the Office and find out about how it functions.



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